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Vinoguard® Care gloves offer a cost-effective solution for personal hygiene and non-clinical care tasks. Ideal for care homes, nursing homes and domiciliary care, Care is competitively priced, with the same high quality you would expect from all Robinson Healthcare Readigloves®. Care is also ideal for general cleaning and janitorial, removing the need to pay for an over-specified glove for these low risk tasks.
Vinoguard® Care is the glove to use if the task you are performing is non-clinical and low risk.  It is fully compliant as a simple design PPE glove for minimal risks.  Robinson Healthcare also produce a wide range of medical examination gloves for improved durability, increased specification for clinical use and compliance with BS EN 455 parts 1,2 and 3.

Clear Vinyl disposable gloves (100 gloves per box)

  • Cost effective - the lowest cost glove
    Lightweight construction - basic sensitivity
    Low stretch - basic comfort and fit
    Basic durability - robust enough for non-clinical and janitorial tasks.
    Limited biological resistance - provides basic protection
    Low grip - ideal for handling frail skin or hair, no texturing
    Powder free - for hygiene and convenience
    Food contact - approved for non fatty foods only
    Latex free - no risk of natural rubber latex allergy
    Colour - translucent