a bespoke client-focused service

What we offer

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support for a client's carer(s)

a range of services tailored to the client's needs

competitive rates offering great value for money

a free no obligation initial consultation

Care & Support Services

Care & Support Planning

We use our client-focused, how are you? appraisal tool when planning wellbeing support with clients and their carers

Daily Living Support

We ensure you are in control of your day from waking up through to bedtime with the correct level of support in the right place at the right time

Support with Domestic Tasks

We can offer support with household cleaning and laundry as well as some aspects of gardening and DIY under the direction of the client


Carer Respite

Sitting Service

We provide caring staff for clients requiring supervision allowing their carers peace of mind whilst taking a break from their vital role

Social Activities

& Stimulation

We support clients with their interests/hobbies and undertaking other activities e.g. life story work, playing games

Community Access

We can assist clients with the weekly shop & retail therapy, attending health & beauty appts, visiting friends, religious and community groups as well as events including sporting & music events

Household Budget Planning

Budget planning is a useful exercise we can support clients with when overcoming financial difficulties in order to feel confident about future spending 

Benefits Advice & Support

Clients and carers can be supported with information and advice regarding benefit entitlement along with completing forms, attending appointments and appealling decisions

Personal Development

Utilising Motivational counselling techniques we can assist clients overcome planned or unplanned life changes and begin to set and pursue life goals

About Us

A little bit of what Paradigm Wellbeing Ltd is about and future plans


Paradigm Wellbeing Ltd was recently established by Philip Langlands BA(Hons) after a successful start up in 2015 as an independent Social Worker. The short term aim is to establish Paradigm Wellbeing Ltd as a customer service focussed, traditional style, trading company. Trading online and local market stalls building solid relationships with suppliers and customers by providing both quality and value for money.


This aspect of the business will build on previous work with British Armed Forces Veterans which will lead to Paradigm Wellbeing Ltd being able to offer paid work and job opportunities to support the mental health and wellbeing of local people especially amongst the Veteran community. Previous work led to the successful creation of a local community veteran drop-in centre, which is now a thriving group with annual events being planned.

Once the initial company set up is established Paradigm Wellbeing Ltd will begin the community care and support element of the business. This will form the core part of the business going forward providing job opportunites for people within the local community and good quality care and support for those in need. Customers will receive a free initial consultation as well as choice from a broad range of care and support services. The services offered will not be restricted to those associated with a 'traditional style care package'. Further details will follow nearer the time. Please keep an eye on the web page or contact us to find out more.